The All Natural Insect Repellant You Eat
Focus on the trail, not the bites


What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a system of non-toxic medicine based on the Law of Similars*.

Does it Work?

It reduces the frequency and severity of mosquito bites.

Will Mozi-Q help if I get a bite?

Absolutely! You can take Mozi-Q after being outside and it will help to reduce the redness, swelling, and itchiness of the bites you have.

Is it safe?

It is non-toxic and doesn't react with medications or herbs.

Is it safe for children?

Mozi-Q is approved as safe for children one year and older.

Can I take Mozi-Q if I am pregnant?

It is safe for use during pregnancy, but if you have any concerns we recommend you speak to your health care provider.

Can I take Mozi-Q if I am breastfeeding?

It is safe for use while breastfeeding, but if you have any concerns we recommend you speak to your health care provider.

Does Mozi-Q react with other medications?

Mozi-Q is safe to take with other medications, but if you have any concerns we recommend you speak to your health care provider.

Do I chew or swallow Mozi-Q?

Mozi-Q works best if you chew it. Never fear, it tastes great!

What if Mozi-Q is not working for me?

If you are drinking alcohol, sweating hard due to heat or activity, have a high metabolism or are overweight, you may need to double up on the dose. Just take two tablets and repeat as needed.

Helpful Guidelines for taking Homeopathic Remedies
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Will stuff ooze from my skin?

It will not be apparent to you except that mosquitoes will not make a banquet out of you.

How fast does it work?

It works within 30 minutes of taking it.

Does it need to build up in my system?

It does not need to build up in the system, though it can persist for more than a day, varying from person to person.

Can I drink alcohol with it?

No problem. Party!

Are there any side effects?


Will it better my golf score?

If swatting mosquitoes affects your swing, yes.

Does it taste bad?

Not much taste...a little sweet.

Does it work on other bugs?


How often should I take it?

Every 3-5 hours starting before you go outside.

How do I take it?

Just chew the tablet and swallow.

Is it B Vitamins?


Is it gluten-free?

There is no gluten in Mozi-Q, but it is not certified gluten-free.

Is it lactose-free?

There is no lactose in Mozi-Q.

Are there contraindications?


It sounds like it would be full of chemicals, is it?

Homeopathic medicine is by definition non-toxic. The plant chemicals that go into it are diluted to non-toxic levels.

*law of similars in homeopathy, the principle that a substance that in large doses will produce symptoms of a specific disease will, in extremely small doses, cure it. (