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Bug Bites

Did you know that Mozi-Q can help protect you from Bed Bugs while you're at home or on the road?

Nonetheless, we always need to take precautions against these pesky critters.

  • Bedbugs most likely live in crevices of your mattress and box-spring. Not hiding across the room or on the ceiling. Although they can potentially live in the your baseboard.The way to get rid of bed bugs is to ensure the mattress AND the box-spring are in a zipper tight mattress cover.
  • Put sticky tape around the feet of your bed posts to ensure that if they are living outside your bed (unlikely), that they can not climb up your bed post.
  • Wash your sheets and pillows in the hottest setting and dry on the hottest setting.
  • OR, you can use this as an excuse to get a nice pillow top mattress, box-spring, and bed frame. Get a king size and shop carefully as mattresses can get *heavily* marked up. The softer the pillow top, the better. Don't get springy. If you do this, you will still need to put sticky tape around the legs and keep them there for at least a year. This method would be the easiest if you are being psychologically scarred from bed bugs and want mental assurance there's no bugs in your bed. Also new sheets would be in order too. I recommend satin. Even with a serious infestation in your house and bedroom, this will work. Don't let your covers touch the floor though.