The All Natural Insect Repellant You Eat
Don't let the bed bugs bite.

In Love with Mozi-Q as an Insect Repellent!

I am in love with this product! I went for a hike in a heavily wooded area with my family over the Mother's day weekend. Mosquitoes LOVE me, and I get huge red bumps that itch like crazy! I get bitten standing at the bus stop in the heart of downtown, so I'm always nervous doing anything outdoors, or even standing near a grassy area! (I'm SO fun during summer, I know. .)

Halfway through the hike, my family started to complain about getting bitten by mosquitoes. I felt so prepared when I pulled my pack of Mozi-Q out of my pocket!
I find that I'm much more comfortable having a BBQ outside now that I've found Mozi-Q. It's brilliant to keep in my wallet because I can take it anywhere, and I know I won't suffer from huge red welts on my arms and legs this year.

-Noelle Richard
Calgary, Alberta